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Deuces Wild is a form of video poker that is similar to online casino game Jacks or Better but the one big difference is that twos count as wild cards in the game.

The wild card does make finding Unibet poker hands much easier therefore the minimum requirement to receive a payout is three-of-a-kind in this game, unlike a pair of jacks in other forms of video poker.

Some people prefer to play Deuces Wild because they know their chances of finding some of the strong hands in the poker ranking table are much easier.

As you will see from the payout table, there are five different columns depending on which stake you play in the game. You should pick the right bet level that is suitable for you and not play at an amount that is too high for your bankroll. After the first round of cards are revealed, the computer will recommend which you should hold. It will take into account any pairs or obvious claims for a straight or flush. However, this does not mean you have to go along with this decision. You can choose to change these cards or hold others that you would be prefer to take into the next round with you. In order to gamble for the big payouts, you may have to take chances and hold cards that don’t always hold much of a value at the time.

Although having knowledge of poker is useful in this game, it is not a necessity because you can quickly learn the strength of each hand from the table that is clearly presented when playing.

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